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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries about our service.

  • What is Newedge Asset?

    We are a privately operates personal and business Finances, including Internet Finances services based in the Belgium with operations all over the world and managed by security professionals with years of experiences in Finances security and network protection. Our advisory board as well as our Supreme Governing Council assists with our decision making, planning and review process to ensure we offer you the most secure services possible.

  • How safe is Newedge Asset Internet Finances Services?

    Vitality Finances is the safest among it's rivals. We designed Vitality Finances specifically to protect client's private information and funds. Unlike other Internet-based or online banks that simply add security features to their existing services or Internet sites, we designed our network frame and server from the ground up with strong security in mind.

  • Are my personal data and funds secured?

    Yes they are. We use many methods to provide the most secure possible environment for your data and funds deposited with us. All of the information contained inside each online safe deposit account are encrypted - that is, encoded so that only the account holder(s) with a passcode to that specific account can view its balance. We use the same encryption technology (256 bit AES) that the military employs to protect top secret data.

  • How do I claim and transfer funds deposited on my behalf?

    Beneficiaries are expected to complete and an application form required for opening and online safe deposit account, where their capital funds/ contract/heritage fund as well as loan from creditors, shall be credited. Once the account is created, the account holder receives via email , a unique username and passcode needed to access their account online. And from the account balance, the account holder can make direct funds transfer to their other bank account domiciled anywhere in the world, using our access code. Usually fund transfer via our security server are completed within 6minutes; that is the destination bank account confirms the delivery of the funds transfer within 48 - 72 hours using our secure RTDD server.

  • What is the RTDD?

    The RTGS is a RealTime Direct Deposit innovative services from Vitality Finances. This service allows account holders to transfer funds from their account to any other account anywhere in the world in real time settlement regardless of the amount being transfered. That is with the RealTime Direct Deposit. Account holders deposit funds from their account with Vitality Finances, to another account via a secure tunnel. Regardless of the amount being transferred, the funds transfer is completed within 6 minutes and can be confirmed by their recieving bank with the 48 - 72 hours.